Our Rates

Y.V CONCRETE PUMPINGS  concrete boom pumps are a smart investment that can cater to a variety of needs. Each vehicle in our fleet is regularly maintained, along with consistent and periodical safety and procedure training for our staff, to ensure reliability and professionalism in our service.

We have a 15 metre boom that carries up to 40M of line and can pump 30m3 of concrete per hour.

High pressure line pumps are another part of our fleet. Each of these carry 100M line and have a pump rate of 60m3 of concrete per hour.

Minimum 4hr charge for AM
Minimum 3hr charge for PM

Domestic Rates :

Staff and Pump Hire for line pump & Small booms -  $160 p/h

Standard travel - 1 hr (any distance jobs will be figured out per job) 

Per Meter Pumped $7.00

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